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To anybody who reads this and to draw a girl T-Rex dinobot --- This is practically a request

This is my OC ... I just can't draw her 

Name: Saber
Age: Unknown
Gender: Femme
Species: Dinobot
Beast Mode: T-Rex
Root Mode: Like Grimlock's, only taller(due to longer tail) and less bulky
Eye Color: Emerald-Green
Color: Sapphire-Blue(Beast-mode upper body); Jet-Black(Beast-mode lower body)
Abilities: Hyper-speed; Healing Powers; Able To Breathe Fire
Weapon of Choice: (Beast-mode) Saber-teeth (Root-mode) Daggers
Personality: Hot-headed; Stubborn; Rebellious | as well as: Kind; Gentle - most of the time; Caring; Helpful; Supportive
Affliction: Team 'Bee
Best Friends/Teammates: Bumblebee, Drift, Jetstorm, Slipstream, Fix-it, Strongarm, Optimus Prime, Windblade, Jazz, Russell "Rusty" Clay, Denny Clay
Rival(s): Sideswipe
Crush: Grimlock - Grimlock is her crush because he is always gentle with things that are small(er) compared to him. She was also aboard the Alchemor with him.
Enemies: Underbite; Steeljaw; Decepticons

Bio: Saber and Grimlock were arrested for causing severe property damage and imprisoned in  stasis cells aboard the prison ship Alchemor. After the ship crash-landed on Earth, theirs were two of the only stasis cells to remain largely intact after the impact, although the cells actual "stasis" function was disabled. While Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Sideswipe tangled with the Decepticon criminal Underbite, Saber and Grimlock managed to partially break free of their cells, and enthusiastically tried to join in the fight. Before they could do so, they were restrained by Fixit, who zapped them with a taser attachment. Eventually, Saber and Grimlock managed to goad Underbite into a rage to help "free" them. Saber and Grimlock pursued the Decepticon to a scrapyard, though Underbite proved too much for them to handle. Joining up with Bumblebee's team, Saber and Grimlock enthusiastically helped bring Underbite in, and after they succeeded, Bumblebee put Saber and Grimlock on probation. Saber grabbed Bumblebee in a T-Rex
bear-hug. Grimlock on the other hand hugged Strongarm and danced around singing " I'm on PRO-BA-TION! " Grimlock then asks
" Wait ... that's a good thing, right? " Then continues singing.  Strongarm manages to break free, only to get into an argument with Sideswipe. Grimlock then sneaks up, hugs both of the teenagers and starts dancing around (again) singing " I'm on PRO-BA-TION!" (again)


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Anya 'Leila' Riley
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